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Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi – SEO, SMO, Ads

Techdost Services Pvt Ltd is the best digital marketing company in Delhi, India. Our ultimate goal is to provide the high-quality and best digital marketing services to our respective clients. Our digital marketing services include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Email Marketing, Graphic Designing, Content Marketing, Video & Mobile Marketing, etc. Techdost is said to be the top digital marketing agency in Delhi because it puts emphasis on providing the best customer solution and fulfilling its objectives in a particular time frame. 


The graph of digital marketing is touching new heights every day. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. As per the reports, nearly 350+ billion USD was spent on digital marketing in 2020. The figure is enough to indicate where the digital marketing service industry is heading in the future. According to the experts, the estimated revenue generated by this industry will cross 450+ billion dollars in 2024. That is really huge! 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the art and science of promoting your brand and services through the use of cyberspace. It is a method of advertisement and endorsement through digital channels. The process is done to acquire new customers and nurture existing customers. 

Techdost is a top digital marketing company in Delhi in terms of performance and accomplishment. 

Online marketing and Internet marketing is the subdivision of digital marketing. It is a way to promote business, goods, or services with the help of the internet. Digital marketing also involves radio ads & TV commercials. 

The substantial disadvantage of traditional marketing is that they only offer one-way communication. They are static, on the other hand, digital marketing promotes dynamic communication. Digital marketing allows the user to interact with the content. 

Digital marketing mainly involves social media marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization & email marketing. These things involve more than 80% of digital marketing. Our digital marketing agency offers all services under one roof.

Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

It indicates where the digital marketing service industry is heading in the future. According to the experts, the estimated revenue generated by this industry will cross 450+ billion dollars in 2024. That is really huge. 

Digital marketing services have become an essential part of every business contemporarily. Whether it’s a small-medium enterprise or large business enterprise, whether they serve online or offline, digital marketing is the constant ingredient of every business today. Our digital marketing agency is a top digital marketing agency in Delhi that provides the best services to our clients.

Traditional Marketing was given farewell a long time back. Traditional methods of advertising including magazines and newspaper ads, billboards, flyers, posters, etc have become obsolete. If you rely on the same old techniques, then it’s high time for you to stop using those ones and start exploring opportunities for your business with the help of our digital marketing services.  

Digital Marketing can take you where traditional marketing can’t. It provides a bunch of seamless opportunities for every business on this planet. We will explore all the possibilities in much detail in this blog ahead.

Let’s dive into the benefits of digital marketing: – 

  • Niche Targeting: This is the best thing about digital marketing. 

It enables you to target only those people who perfectly fit your criteria. You can decide the audience you want to target on the basis of your product or service. 

Let’s understand this with an example:

Suppose you have a product which is for those girls who are about to become a bride. Therefore, it makes sense that you don’t want to waste your money on showcasing your ads to those who don’t fit your criteria. By using filters, you can drill down your audience to a niche level. 

  • Global Reach: Digital Marketing has eradicated all kinds of geographical barricades. 

You can promote your product or service in any section of the world by sitting at your home with the help of digital marketing. 

Like I said earlier in the blog, digital marketing has opened a bunch of opportunities and possibilities for businesses, so this is just another example of that. 

We can help you to increase the reach and traffic of your business with our digital marketing services.

  • Personalization: Email Marketing which is a subset of Digital Marketing lets you send and deliver highly targeted and personalized emails to your audience. It is widely used to nurture prospects and existing customers. Personalization plays a vital role in developing the connection which therefore increases the chances of converting prospects into customers.
  • Results are easily trackable & measurable: In any such case you are unable to track the performance of your campaigns and strategies then it is a total waste of time, effort, and money. 

Google Analytics and Google Ads let you track the performance and results of your campaigns and strategies. It will give you a report that will have all the required metrics to check and measure the performance. Based on that report, you can make key decisions. 

Our digital marketing agency is a skill-driven and result-oriented company that can help you to create an online presence for your business. 

  • Cost-Effective: Another big reason why you should incorporate digital marketing for your business is that it is highly cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing methods. 

Spending money on marketing used to be the biggest hurdle for small to medium size companies previously. Many businesses had collapsed due to this in the past as they were not able to bear the marketing expenses. 

  • Offer better conversion rates: As we have studied earlier, with the help of digital marketing, you can easily track the performance of your business. You can analyze the report in much detail and it will tell you whether you are moving in the right direction or what is working out for you, and what you need to avoid. This is how you will have better conversion rates for your business. 

Improve the conversion rate of your business with our digital marketing services.  

  • A/B Testing: This is another prime feature of digital marketing.

It lets you test your two different campaigns, and it lets you easily examine which one is delivering better results than the other. 

Let’s consider a case here to understand it better. 

Suppose you have 2 different campaign ideas, and you are confused about which one can generate better results for your business objectives.  

Here is the solution: You can run both of your campaigns with a different audience in each of the campaigns. This way you can easily analyze which one is generating better revenue for your business. 

So, these were some of the basic benefits that you can get by incorporating digital marketing into your business. You can get all these benefits from our digital marketing company. 

Our Company provides the following digital marketing services: 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Importance of SEO

SEO is the art and science of optimizing your website to make it rank higher in the natural/organic listing of the search engine. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your site when people search for something related to your niche. 

Let’s understand how SEO works. 

Suppose you have a furniture e-commerce store and you are based in Delhi.

So, when a user from Delhi enters a search query in google like- ‘Best Furniture in Delhi’, you want your website to rank at the top of search results because 90% of the user will click on top results only, therefore you want to rank at the top. 

This is the simple basic approach to doing SEO for a website. SEO is a daunting task, it needs expertise and experience. We are a recognized Digital Marketing Company that can help you to improve the organic ranking of your business. 

Let’s get deep down to know how you can make your website rank higher in google search results. 

SEO is divided into five segments:

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Audit
  • Competitor Analysis


On-Page Optimization: 

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing every individual page of a website to make it rank higher in order to get more traffic. On-Page SEO involves Content Part and HTML Source Code Part.  

Whatever search query your potential customer puts into a search engine, that query is a ‘Keyword’ for your business.  So if you scroll then you’ll get to know that ‘Best Furniture in Delhi’ was the Keyword for the Owner of a Furniture eCommerce Store based in Delhi. 

We have to find out as many relevant keywords for our business and start creating content around each particular keyword relevant to our website. Keyword Research is a main On-Page SEO activity. 

You can use the ‘Google Keyword Planner tool to find the relevant keywords that suit your business. It’s a free tool. You can find this tool in Google Adwords. You just need to enter a seed keyword in this tool, the rest will automatically generate a full-fledged report of keywords relevant to your business along with their metrics.

The seed keyword is nothing, it is just the name of your niche. Suppose you belong to the fashion designing industry, then ‘Fashion Designing’ will be your seed keyword. 

The report will generate tons of keywords, you need to save and export that file into your system and start finalizing the keywords based on the metrics and relevancy of keywords. 

After finalizing the keywords, you need to write high-quality content on all those keywords one by one.  While writing the content you need to keep a lot of things in your mind in order to fully optimize your article. 

You need to use your main keyword at important places in your article such as in the title tag, meta description tag, h1 tag, in the first paragraph, and in other headings of your article. This is done to make google believe that this webpage is optimized for this particular keyword (i.e. Main Keyword). 

Note: if you are looking for SEO services then feel free to contact us. TechDost is a reputed Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

Optimize meta tags and headings properly in the article.

Add 3 to 4 fully optimized images in each article to help the user understand the article better. Use Alt Text in all the images. You can use 10-15 sec if you can, make sure to compress the video. 

Use bullet points, semantic keywords(similar keywords), tags, meta keywords, etc. 

Use structure schema to help the crawlers understand the content better. 

These are some basic and crucial tactics that you must use to perform On-Page Optimization for your website. 

Note: It is highly recommended to learn about the basic HTML tags for On-Page SEO. 

Off-Page Optimization: 

Off-Page Optimization refers to all those activities that you do outside of your website to increase the authority of your site so as to make it rank higher in the search engine result pages organically.

Building backlinks is the most extensive off-page optimization technique.

Now a question must have come into your mind, i.e. what is a backlink? 

A backlink can be termed as when some other website links back to your website, in that case, that link is classified as a backlink for your site. 

Note: Always create backlinks from those sites which are relevant to your niche, otherwise google may consider that backlink spammy. 

There are a number of ways by which you can build backlinks for your site. Let’s discuss them: 

  • Guest Blog Post: Many websites or blogs offer a guest blog post, which means you can write a high-quality article for them, and if they like your content, they’ll publish the article on their website. In consideration of your article, they’ll give a backlink to your site. This is known as a guest blog post.
  • Directory submission: Directory submission is a good way to list your site in trustworthy directories. But make sure the directory is relevant to your niche. 

Suppose, If you have an educational website, then you need to submit your website in educational directories only. 

There are many spammy directories present on the internet, ignore all such bad reputed directories. 

  • Broken Link Building: It is the process of finding the broken link on a website in a similar niche. Then create the relevant content related to that dead link resource and finally ask them to replace that link with your working link. 

Make sure the website you are targeting belongs to the same niche as yours. 

  • Sky-Scraper Technique: It is an obsolete link-building strategy but it does work even today. This process involves finding out the most trending topic or subject in your niche with tons of backlinks, then finding out loopholes and missing points in that masterpiece and writing the better version of that article, this is known as the skyscraper link building technique. 
  •  Social Bookmarking: Social Bookmarking is typically used to increase the authority and credibility of your site.

There are a number of social bookmarking sites present on the internet such as Tumblr, scoop it, we heart it, etc where you can tag and bookmark your webpage in those listings in order to create an online presence and drive traffic to your website. 

  •  Article Posting Websites: It is the process of submitting SEO-friendly articles to various article posting directories in order to attract engagement and traffic. 
  • Blog Commenting: This strategy involves commenting on a blog, website, forum, etc with the exact URL of your website. This drives traffic and slightly improves the authority of your website.

So, these were the major link-building optimization techniques. Off-page activity is a critical task, Therefore, you need a professional digital marketing company. Our well-experienced SEO experts can help you with link building. 

Note: It is highly advisable to not use any kind of black hat SEO technique, as you may end up penalizing your website by google. 

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is done to ensure the proper functioning and performance of the website. 

SEO Checklist

The technical SEO checklist is as follows:

  • Checking for crawling and indexing: The search console is the component of google where we submit our site for the purpose of crawling and indexing. 

Firstly, we have to make sure that our website is visible to crawlers and is not blocked in any way because If crawling is not being done properly then indexing cannot happen, if indexing is not properly then ranking is not possible. Therefore, all are interconnected. 

Google Search Console is used to check the crawling and indexing issues. 

  • Make sure you use HTTPS Protocol Version: HTTPS stands for ‘Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It builds security, trust, and credibility for your website. It prevents the user from in-between attacks, hacking, and stealing confidential information. 

HTTPS is a well-known ranking factor since 2014. It is an encryption technique. Therefore, its function is to encrypt the user data and decrypt it on the server side. It is a must for business and e-commerce websites. 

  • Add Canonical: It is important to ensure that Google is indexing only one version of your website. Otherwise, Google will treat it as a different page or entity which is a bad practice.

If the canonical tag is not present on your website then Google will treat all 4 of the above pages as separate pages, although it will take you to the same page. Hence, the authority will be divided and you won’t get the proper juice. 

Using the canonical tag will redirect you to the main page that you have entered in the canonical tag.

  • Create & Submit an XML Sitemap: XML Sitemap is for the crawlers to make them understand better about our website. 

A sitemap is a list of files that contains all the URLs and pages on our website. It is done to improve the crawling and indexing of a site.  

  •  Robots.txt: This file is used to tell the search engines which page they should crawl and index, and which page they should avoid. 

Suppose, there is one section in my website that is being under development so I don’t want my user or crawler to see that, so I will block that section from the crawler by using this file. 

  • Site Speed: Website speed is a ranking factor since 2010. Google is very keen on user experience. A slow website is a bad user experience, and Google will throw out that website from the ranking. 

Make sure your website loading speed is good and content is loading fast. You can use the ‘Gtmetrix tool’ or ‘Google page speed insights tool for checking and analyzing the speed metrics. 

  • Fix Broken Links: Again it’s a bad user experience. 

No user wants to click on a link that will take them to a 404 Page, which is a dead page.

Make sure you don’t have any 404 pages on your website. 

  • Mobile-Friendly: Google is very keen on ‘Mobile First’. The majority of the traffic comes from Mobile, so you need to make sure that your website provides a mobile-friendly experience. 

You can test your website on the ‘Mobile-friendly test’ tool to examine the mobile-friendliness of your website. 

  • URL Structure: It is important to have an SEO-friendly URL structure. URL structure is a way to tell the crawlers and users what this page is about. Make your URL structure simple, short, and easy to understand. 
  • Structure Data: Also referred to as ‘Schema’. It is highly recommended to incorporate schema on every single page of your website. It gives information to the crawler regarding the content of the page. Schema enables search engines to understand the content better. 
  •  Redirection: Try to have fewer redirects on your site. There are two types of redirects: 301 redirects and 302 direct. 

301 is a permanent redirect and it transfers the link juice to the linking page, whereas 302 is a temporary redirect and it doesn’t transfer the authority to the linking page. 

Note: Make sure you don’t have any redirect chain or loop. 

  • Plagiarized free content: Build a practice to write and promote original content. Google is very strict on plagiarism, so you may have to face serious consequences if you pursue this. 
  • Optimize meta tags and headings: It is the most important ranking factor. Make sure the meta title, meta description, and headings from h1 to h6 are optimized properly. 
  • Images: Make sure all the images that are present on your website are fully optimized and have alt text. 
  • Low quality or thin content: According to google thin content provides little or no value to the visitors. Google won’t index your page if it finds the content on the page is low quality or thin. 

Technical SEO is equally important as on-page and off-page SEO. A person who has the technical knowledge and basic functioning is required to ensure the technical SEO of a website. Our digital marketing company in Delhi can help you with technical SEO.

Website Audit:

The website audit is done frequently to check and examine the efficient working and functioning of the website. There are various website tools available on the internet by which you easily do this task. Here are some of the free website audit tools:

  • Screaming Frog Spider
  • SEOptimer
  • Sitechecker
  • SEO Mator
  • SEO Sitecheckup 

Our Digital Marketing Company in Delhi can provide you with a detailed audit of your website.

Competitor Analysis: Competitor analysis is very imperative for every business and so this is in SEO. 

This analysis is done to know what is working out for my competitor, and where I’m lagging behind. It will generate a brief report about every single detail of your competitor’s site. There are many tools available on the internet by which you can do this analysis, the only drawback is most of the tools are paid. Here is the list of tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Moz
  • UberSuggest
  • Majestic

Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is by far the easiest way to grow your traffic and online presence. 

With the help of search engine marketing, you can reach out to your audience even if your business is brand new. SEM gives equal opportunity to all marketers to showcase their ads at a minimal cost. 

It is a form of online marketing model which involves paid ads such as google ads, bing ads, etc.   

It is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) because every single time the advertiser has to pay a certain fee to Google whenever a user clicks on the ad. This fee totally depends upon the keywords you are bidding for and if you are looking for a digital marketing company in Delhi NCR then you are on the right page the infuse with informative content that helps you in the understanding digital marketing process and procedure. 

Let’s talk about its relevance:

The beauty of paid advertising is ad relevancy as it allows the user to showcase a highly targeted ad to a specific set of audiences. 

Let’s understand this better. 

Suppose, someone, hit a search on google about ‘red t-shirt’, the advertiser who’ll be selling the red t-shirts wants to be positioned at the top for this search term. This is known as ad relevancy. 

Whatever the user enters in the search bar, is a ‘Keyword’ for the advertiser. So here, ‘Red t-shirt’ is the keyword here. I hope this thing is clear to you.  

Search Engine Marketing allows you to discover and reach out to people who tend to be your right-match audience. 

We will discuss this in more detail in this section.

Business Goals with SEM:

  • Brand awareness
  • Location & interest-based targeting 
  • Lead generation
  • Increase sales

Let me show you what exactly a google search ad looks like: 

Google Search Ad - PPC

The above picture is an example of a google search ad. 

I searched for the term ‘movers and packers in Delhi’. It displays 3 google search ads at the top of the page which is shown in the picture. If you have noticed the picture carefully, then you’ll see that ‘Ad’ is written just before the ‘HTTPS’. This dictates it as an ad, which means the advertiser has to pay for every single click being made by the user. 

Let’s discuss the basic terminologies of Search Engine Marketing:

  • Ad Auction: Every ad has to go through an ad auction before appearing on the result pages. You have to decide the keywords you want to bid for, and the amount you are willing to spend per user click on those given keywords. I have already explained the term ‘Keyword’ earlier in the blog. Most digital marketers don’t use the proper and accurate procedure to implement the right strategy for bidding. 

Once Google determines the keywords entered by you match with the user query, then you’ll soon enter the ad auction. 

Even if your keywords are good, that doesn’t mean your ad will start showcasing to the users. 

Two factors decide whether your ad will appear on search results or not, one is your maximum bid on the keyword, and the second is your quality score. 

  • Quality Score: Google examines the quality of your ad where it checks your landing page experience and relevancy, and on the basis of that google determines the quality score of your ad on a scale of 1 to 10. 

The more the score, the better Click Through Ratio (CTR) you will get. The story is all about getting the CTR better. 

  • Right Keywords: Finding the right set of keywords for your ad is compulsory, otherwise your entire budget will be blown without getting any leads or sales. Keep this thing in your mind while choosing keywords for your ad. Basically, digital marketing is all about choosing the right keywords for your business that provide you with the results that you are looking for. We have the skills and experience required for getting results.

Note: ‘Google Keyword Planner Tool’ will help you to find the best keywords with volume and competition. Nobody wants to target a keyword that has low metrics and high competition. 

  • Keyword Cost: As I have mentioned earlier, Google determines the placement of your ad by the quality score and your maximum bid on the keywords.

It means ads with a higher bid and better quality score have better chances to qualify for the placements. But make sure, don’t bid too much on high competition keywords as you’ll end up blowing your budget, and neither bid too low as your ad won’t be visible in that case.  

  • Account Structure: Let’s see the structure of the google ads account. 

Google Ad Account




Ad Group



This is the structure of the google ads account. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

  • Campaign Level: A campaign is a collection of different ad groups. 

There are typically 3 types of ad campaigns which are: Search Ad Campaign, Display Ad Campaign, and Video Ad Campaign. 

So before you begin you have to select the type of campaign you want to run. 

Search ads are those that are displayed in the search engine results. I have attached the screenshot of the google search ad earlier in the section. 

A display ad is a banner-type ad that is displayed on the web page of a website. For example: If you have gone to the website of the Times of India, then you must have seen those banner ads.  

Video Ads are youtube ads. Google ads is a place where you can easily trigger youtube ads. It is straightforward and easy to set up. 

  • Ad Group Level: Ad group level comes under the campaign level. Ad group level allows you to create different ads that share the same purpose. You can set the price or bid for the ad group keyword to trigger the ad. 
  •  Ad Copy: It is the copy that is displayed to the user when the ad gets triggered on the keyword. An ad group can have more than 1 ad. Every single ad is the ad copy. 

An ad is consist of the following components: 

  1. Title: It is the main headline of your ad. Make it catchy.
  2. URL: It is the URL of the landing page. 
  3. Description: A small description of the ad. 

Note: You create different ads to see which ad is generating better results for your business. This is the sole motive for creating different ad groups and ads. 

Note: While going for Search Engine Marketing, make sure to optimize your budget wisely, experiment with different ads, and choose keywords carefully in order to get the maximum ROI for your business. Our Digital Marketing Company can make these things easy for your business. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of utilizing social media channels in order to build a brand, promote a business, drive traffic, and generate leads and sales.  

Social Media Marketing is about reaching out to your targeted audience or audience persona and interacting with them socially. 

It is highly promising and immensely valuable for your business. Therefore, we can help you to create your brand online, just like we have created ours. 

Let’s take a look at the different social media channels and understand each one better:

  • Facebook: It is the biggest social media platform launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. 

Users: Facebook tops the chart in total number of users with 2.9 active billion users worldwide.  

Audience: Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z.

Suited for: Brand awareness, Lead generation. 

Industry segment: B2C. 

  • Instagram: Though it was launched in 2010. But it gained popularity after a while. It was acquired by Facebook in 2012. 

Users: 2 billion active users worldwide.

Audience: Gen Y & Z

Suited for: Brand awareness, sharing images, and UG content. 

Industry Segment: B2C

  • Twitter: It is a microblogging site launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey. 

Users: 330 million active users worldwide.

Audience: Primarily celebrities and Gen Y.

Suited for: PR and building community. 

Industry Segment: B2B & B2C. 

  • Linked In: It is a professional social media platform founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman, Eric Ly, Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc Vaillant & Allen Blue in California, United States. It is used for networking & career development. It also enables employers to post jobs and allows seekers to post their CVs. 

Users: 770 million users worldwide.

Audience: Gen Y.

Suited for: Business development, building relations. 

Industry Segment: B2C. 

  • Youtube: It is a widely popular video-sharing platform founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in 2005 in the US. Used for gaining knowledge and entertainment purposes. 

Users: 2 billion active users worldwide.

Audience: Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z.

Suited for: Entertainment & watching videos.  

Industry Segment: B2C, B2B. 

  • Snapchat: Snapchat is an image-sharing platform founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy & Reggie Brown in September 2011. 

Users: 319 million active users worldwide.

Audience: Gen Y, Gen Z.

Suited for: Brand promotion & entertainment. 

Industry Segment: B2C. 

  • Pinterest: It is also an image-sharing platform launched in 2009 by  Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp & Paul Sciarra

Users: 431 million active users worldwide.

Audience: Gen Y & Gen Z.

Suited for: Visual promotion, brand advertising.   

Industry Segment: B2C.  

Let’s discuss the benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • Brand Awareness: Social media is the most fruitful way to improve your online presence as it directly impacts visibility & brand recognition. When people start talking about your brand or start interacting with your brand on social channels, it builds a reputation for your brand. It is indeed a great way to reach your brand to new people.
  • Build Relations with Customers: Social media gives you a platform where you can communicate and interact with your audience directly. This fosters better relationships and builds a long-lasting connection of your brand with the audience. 
  • Generate Leads & Increase Conversions: When your brand becomes more visible on social channels, it generates way more opportunities & possibilities to generate more leads and drive conversions. This way you can get better conversion rates. 
  • Drive Traffic: Social media is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. Focus on creating more engaging content so that the user cannot get away without interacting with your brand. Better content delivers better results. Therefore, you will see your traffic volume increasing with time. 
  • Build Brand Authority: Social media not only helps in driving traffic or in delivering better conversion rates, in fact, but it is also much more than that. 

It builds trust, credibility, and authority of your brand in the audience’s eyes. The trust your brand holds with your audience builds a strong sense of affection and connection. As we say, trust is the most important thing in any relationship. Let’s build an online presence for your business with our digital marketing company in Delhi. 

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy: 

  • Finding out your Audience Persona: Firstly, you need to determine who is your primary audience. Who are they? What do they do? Where do they belong? Do they belong to any particular location or do they have any specific gender? By examining all these things, you’ll get to know who your exactly targeted audience which is known as audience persona. 
  • Choose which social platform you’ll market on: It is indeed important to determine which social media platform best suits your business. 

Yes, you need to have an online presence on all significant social media platforms but you should not give 100% on every single channel. That won’t be the right practice. 

It is because you need to identify where your targeted audience is present, what are their interests, what is their behavior pattern etc things. After analyzing all these things, you’ll find out which platform can generate better results for your business. 

  • Identify important metrics and KPIs: You need to keep a check on the following metrics to examine the performance of your business on social channels: 
  • Reach: Reach determines the number of unique visitors who saw your post or How many unique users came across your post? The number of reaches your post gets indicates a lot of things about your business.
  • Impressions: It determines the total number of exposure your post gets. If a user saw your post 5 times, then it will count as 5. 
  • The number of clicks: It is the ratio between how many users actually saw your post versus how many clicked on it. This is known as the click-through ratio or CTR. Any CTR above 5% is considered to be a really good CTR. 
  • Followers: It is the number of people following you or your brand on social media channels. The Growth of your followers indicates a good sign.
  • The number of Video Views: The number of views your videos get on social media determines the popularity and authority of your site. 
  • Shares: It determines how many users are sharing your post on their profile.   
  • Hashtags: These tell you about the performance of the hashtags you are incorporating in your posts. You should have at least 2-3 hashtags for your brand. ‘Ritetag’ is a free tool that tells you which hashtags best suit your business. 
  • Create better and more unique content than your competitors: Content is the ultimate king and it will be always. 

Better content provides value to the audience, and nothing can beat a business that is determined to provide value to its customers. 

  • Create a schedule for your posts: Creating the content is one thing, and sharing it at the right time and at the right place is another. Create a schedule of your posts across different channels to get the best outcome. 

There are various free tools available on the internet such as ‘Hootsuite’, which allows you to schedule your post on a pre-decided time period, and they’ll get posted automatically on the given time frame.

Looking for Social Media Marketing Company? We provide the best digital marketing services in Delhi. Contact us to get a query!

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing channel because it is a direct channel of marketing. It allows you to create targeted email marketing automation campaigns to send personalized emails to nurture the users. 

It enables you the best form of communication between you, your clients, your potential customers & leads, and your vendors. 

There are numerous free automation tools available that let you automate your email marketing campaigns which is the best way to send the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Email marketing is best suited for: customer service, brand awareness, creating a long-lasting relationship, generating leads, and sharing relevant information regarding any changes or updates in the company with the existing customers. Let’s promote your brand with email marketing through our digital marketing services in Delhi. 

Let’s understand the benefits of Email Marketing:  

  • Gathering Surveys and Feedback: Email Marketing is broadly used to collect surveys and feedback. These surveys are highly important as it tells how your customers are pursuing your brand. 
  • Offer Personalization: Personalization involves the user’s name in the email.

The email containing the first name of the user attracts more, thus it tends to have a better CTR rate than the other.  

  • Enhances better communication: Email marketing allows you to have direct means of communication with your end-user. Your audience will appreciate you if you send them a good email. 
  • Boost more leads: Email marketing is a well-known lead generation machine for generating qualified leads for the business. 
  • Foster better relationships: It helps in building better relationships with your clients. The logic is simple when your audience is able to talk to you, they feel more confident about your brand. 
  • Sending timely emails: As we always say, it is of utmost importance to get the right information at the right time. Sending timely emails means sending the right email to the right person at the right time, it will immensely increase your conversion rates. 
  • Increase sales: One-to-one communication always has a greater impact on the user, thus it helps in getting better sales for the business. 50% of marketers say email marketing is a significant tool for getting the best ROI.
  • Generate Traffic: Email marketing campaigns help you in getting organic traffic for your business, thus it also impacts the SEO.  
  • Cost-Effective: Email marketing is highly cost-effective. You don’t have to pay anything to kick off your marketing campaigns. There are various email automation tools easily available on the internet like Mailchimp, SendGrid, Send in Blue, etc. All are free to some extent.
  • Deliver value to the audience: Email marketing is a great way to deliver value and engage with your audience. It lets you nurture your potential leads and cultivate your prospects into customers. 

Promote your brand with email marketing services with a prominent digital marketing company in Delhi.

This marks the end of Digital Marketing. I hope you find this guide useful and fruitful. 


We are committed to delivering the best digital marketing and other services to our clients. Branding is something that should not be stopped at times. No matter whether it is a small company or a large one the marketing should continue and the strategy should be implemented in the right direction to deliver the right result to the clients. 

Choose the Right Digital Marketing Company For Your Business

The steps are as follows to know the Right Digital Marketing Company:

  • Any skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable marketing agency first understands your business needs and what you are looking for. 
  • Then the marketing agency understands the nature of business and other aspects like Audience, Location, Availability, and Tendency, other aspects. 
  • And after acknowledging all the above information they will decide on the growth prospects of the business and then implement strategy and any other thing that the client is looking for. 

Case Study of A Mall – Digital Marketing Services

We any company has set up a new mall or any outlet in the particular area and looking for the walking of the customers and new & existing brands stay and do business.  Things that need to be undertaken are as follow:

  • Kindly go through the logo and website of the Mall.
  • Do changes if needed.
  • Give them the best tagline that suits their business.
  • Understand their target audience.
  • Check the availability of the competitors.
  • Understand the target audience.
  • Understanding the location-wise targeting audience and the best digital marketing agency whether in Delhi or in any other state will focus on both the target audience i.e. B2B and B2C.

Solution – Digital Marketing Company

Here the brand awareness and reach ads will work effectively with the video promotion. First, create at least two-three videos of the Mall with different exciting headlines, and keep in mind that your video should provide some emotional and heart-touching message to the target audience.


The best digital marketing agency knows that branding is not about selling the product and services, it is about creating and selling stories. The big companies never sell their products, they sell stories. One of the best examples of branding ads is Cadbury ads. 

Location Targeting in Digital Marketing

Yes, show them where you are located. This is a very common and not knowing mistake almost implemented deliberately by all the marketing agencies because actually, they don’t know about it. Showing your target audience virtually where you are located creates a heavy impact on your audience to know you better and make it clear that the Mall owners want you to walk in. 

Here is the small case study, we have provided you with to understand how we work for our clients and are capable of being in the race for the best digital marketing agency in Delhi. 


We utilize our experience in the best way to deliver the best result to our clients and for that, we understand every aspect of the business and then implement strategies. 

Why TechDost is The Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

  • Most companies don’t know how to work and implement things but, we know how to work perfectly for the clients because we have an experienced team of skilled, committed, and knowledgeable professionals. 
  • Every task is assigned to a different person who knows how to deliver the best to the clients for that we have a 22+ team of experts and experienced professionals. 
  • We are the go-to digital marketing company because we are highly committed and dedicated to delivering the highest quality work for our clients.

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